Cars don’t cause accidents – it is the NUT behind the steering wheel.

For many years the aim of car designers has been towards keeping the driver safe by compulsory seat-belts and airbags and specially strengthened body panels which tend to give the driver a feeling of impregnability as soon as he steps aboard. One day in the future this will indeed become true when a scientist has discovered the repulsive force achieved by the flying saucers which have been – and still are – regularly visiting our planet. Until then here are a few suggestions for preventing accidents and bringing back a motoring freedom which many of us enjoyed in past years:

No seat belts for the Drivers

No air Bag for the drivers

Driver(s) seated at the front – as in a glider

Access to driver’s seat by canopy

Front bumper connected to spike protruding through the steering wheel

Abolish all speed limits

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