When I left the instructors training course at Cambridge aerodrome those of us who had done well were told we would be given a choice where we would prefer to be posted. I had done well and asked to be posted to Cambridge EFTS which was on the other side of the airfield. I was also offered a commission which was also to a few of the other successful pilots. I dared not accept the Commission as this would have blown my eyesight subterfuge. Another successful candidate, Cormack, had been posted to Booker EFTS and decided he would like to have me with him and arranged to have my posting changed to Booker. I didn’t really mind although I would lose many friends I had made at Cambridge. My chief relief was to be still flying. Cormack had accepted a Commission, but I couldn’t explain, of course, why I wouldn’t do the same.

Here one can see the start of the working of a miracle. I have stated elsewhere my strong belief in the writings of the psychic Sylvia Browne “The Other side and Back” and that of Dr Daniel Fry “The White Sands Incident”. A reader of both books will see at once the connection to what was happening to me. But the miracle had only just begun. At Booker on the Mess notice board I noticed there was to be a piano music concert taking place at a nearby village of Frieth organised by a Mrs Sewell and her daughter Phyllida. I went along and found two grand Steinways and a room with about 50 people. Amongst these was Mrs Ursula Creighton who told me she had been a pupil of Busoni – one of the greatest pianists of the time. I seemed to have arrived at a sort of time-warp – but there was still more to come. Mrs Creighton told me she lived near Lane End village and was therefore nearer the airfield and she also had a Steinway Grand which I was welcome to play on whenever I had the spare time to do so.

The miracle was now all but complete. What she didn’t tell me was she also had an attractive daughter, Ann. The miracle was now rapidly completing! Ann and I were married in 1943 and had a happy married life together for the next 53 years.

In 1982 Pyllida Sewell lent me one of her Steinways to replace my own which had been reduced to ashes when part of our house was burnt down. It is on this piano I recorded my two CDs.

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