16 October 1909 – 4 December 2009


Dudley with his son's dog - Wikka

Dudley Vernon Steynor was born on 16 October 1909 in Malvern Worcs, UK, where his father was a dentist.

Dudley was educated at Stowe school – being one of its first pupils. (Along with David Niven, Geoffrey Raoul de Havilland Jr and Sir Nicholas Winton )

He spent his early adult life studying the piano.

During World War II he was based at Booker Airfield (now Wycombe Air Park) where he trained pilots including many of the army airborne glider pilots.

He was awarded the AFC in 1944.

He has lived in Lane End since the early 1940s and owned and ran Goodchilds Garage in Lane End for many years.

He was awarded a British Gliding Association Diploma  in 1989.

He has 2 sons and a daughter and 4 grand-daughters.  His beloved wife, Ann, died in 1996.

This blog is full of stories of his varied life.  Some hair-raising exploits during World War II and the fun he had with motorbikes, cars, steamrollers and  stories about the people he met.

His inventions and his views on life are a joy to read about so please do browse through the postings – which have all been written by him.

To get a flavour of his wonderful piano playing please do visit his website and listen to a couple of samples.  The CDs are still available by emailing the address on the Contact page.

You  can also read a full obituary on his  web site:


Ann and Dudley

2 Responses to “About Dudley”

  1. 1 Diana Flint December 10, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Dear Linden
    My sister Angela alerted me to Dudley’s website which of course we have found fascinating. We are Vernon Warner’s granddaughters. Our brother Robin arrives today from New Zealand, and both he and Angela hope to be at Dudley’s funeral on Friday. Sadly I cannot be there.

    One little reminiscence I have is that when as a ten year old I first went to Brondesbury-at Stocks, my mother Jean (Vernon’s daughter) asked me to look out for the tall handsome music master who would be in the school on Wednesdays. I was to give him her love and best wishes. I duly approached the tall handsome man on my first Wednesday in the school, and, first checking he was indeed the piano master, I passed on my mother’s message. This handsome man was delighted with the message but had no idea who Jean Warner was… I was talking to the delightful Nicholas Jackson, Dudley’s successor! I went a bit pink! However, I continued my lessons with Nicholas for the next few years, then, when he left, we had the dishy Francis Monkman – founder member of Curved Air Pop group, whose classical musical talents were of coursed impeccable! In my time at Brondesbury, Grandpa frequently came down to give recitals, often driven down at high speed from Kew in his charming lodger’s( Robin Brown), e-type jag. The Steynors and Warners had so much in common.
    With all best wishes and I do hope the service goes well on Friday. So sorry I cant be with you.
    We must keep in touch.
    With all very best wishes

    • 2 Jenny Denholm July 20, 2020 at 2:54 am

      Hello Diana
      Have tried to find you on facebook without success! I knew your grandfather. It was thanks to ‘Uncle Vernon’ that I loved piano and made it my career. He used to come and stay with my parents (Guy & Alison Goodbody) every year at Balloch Farm, Inverness. He also taught my aunt Jane Nelson at her school.

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