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We all dread turning into a cabbage as old age creeps on us. Losing our mind means we cannot be of any further use to anyone and it is time to move on to the next stage i.e. HOME where one can enjoy a pause before returning back to earth for another incarnation. While the moment is not ours to determine we can at least make it interesting by keeping our minds active. Crosswords is one option and the recently introduced Sudoku is another and is the one I use. I suggest the compilers of these puzzles could improve them by subjecting them to solutions by logic. It is somewhat annoying to find oneself up against a guess in order to proceed to a successful solution. I therefore recommend the set of 200 puzzles by Carol Vordeman all of which can be solved by logic alone. There is no such thing as a “logical guess” which is an oxymoron. Another mind trainer is the daily countdown on Channel 4 with the bonus of the exquisite Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.

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