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Death penalty

When will we have politicians who have the guts to bring back the death penalty? And judges who will enforce it? And what about the gun law after Dunblane?

Our towns would be far safer if gangs of trouble-makers knew that the Death Penalty faced them if things went wrong and someone lost their life as a result of their behaviour. In fact bringing back the Death Penalty, backed by a judiciary that will enforce it, would probably result in it being very rarely used. But it must be there and firmly fixed in the country’s laws. It would also be a powerful deterrent to burglars who should be given no protection in law from householders who should be free to use whatever force they deemed was necessary to repel them.

And how absurd the present gun law is! It doesn’t stop trouble-makers and in any case knives are more effective.

If I were 30 years younger I would put myself up as a potential MP with views as above, but at 97 I think I am a bit old!

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