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After my motorcycling days were over the only time I returned to two wheels was during the war. Each of our five flights at the aerodrome had about 12 Tiger Moths all moored in blister hangers. These would only start if the carburettor was flooded until petrol dripped from the overflow pipe. It did not seem wrong to us to collect these drippings in an old cocoa tin for use in our motorcycles – until we were threatened with Court Martial if we continued to do so. The other custom was to empty the entire contents of the Tiger Moth’s 20 gallon petrol tank onto the grass if it crashed. This so annoyed me that I wrote to the Air Ministry about it. I don’t remember being thanked for my letter, but the practice was stopped – damaged petrol going to the transport MT in future. In the meantime Villiers had much improve their design and range of engines. They had gone over to flat-topped pistons which had improved engine balance and efficiency. Their 148cc engine now gave about 5hp with no cooling troubles. After the war I tested this little unit in a Bond minicar which I used for a time to travel to Tring where I had taken a job of music teacher. This leads to another facet of my life which I may cover if I do not run out of steam meanwhile.

More views on preventing road accidents

The person best able to see bad driving will always be another driver. He will therefore be in the best position to report it.

  1. If he is equipped with a recording camera fixed to the windscreen of this car and operated by a push-button on the steering wheel he will be able to provide visual evidence of poor driving including the number plate of the erring car.
  2. With modern technology his camera could record the exact time and with GPS ability the exact location.
  3. The DVLA (or similar) would be called in to check the owner of the car and also the owner of the reporting car. Misuse will be easy to check and repeated errors by a bad driver will show up, and a warning sent to him together with a description of his errors.
  4. Fast drivers are usually the best drivers and no speed-recording on the cameras are required.

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Cars don’t cause accidents – it is the NUT behind the steering wheel.

For many years the aim of car designers has been towards keeping the driver safe by compulsory seat-belts and airbags and specially strengthened body panels which tend to give the driver a feeling of impregnability as soon as he steps aboard. One day in the future this will indeed become true when a scientist has discovered the repulsive force achieved by the flying saucers which have been – and still are – regularly visiting our planet. Until then here are a few suggestions for preventing accidents and bringing back a motoring freedom which many of us enjoyed in past years:

No seat belts for the Drivers

No air Bag for the drivers

Driver(s) seated at the front – as in a glider

Access to driver’s seat by canopy

Front bumper connected to spike protruding through the steering wheel

Abolish all speed limits

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