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It is with great sadness….


Diary entry by his daughter:

It is with great sadness that  I have to announce that Dudley passed away at home at 4.40 this morning, 4 December 2009.  William, James and I were with him.  It was very peaceful and he was in no pain.  He just drifted gently away.

He had a wonderful and  – at times – charmed life, most of which you can read about in the postings on this blog and on his website.  I hope, very much, you enjoy browsing through his stories, all of which were written by him.

He had achieved his aim of reaching his 100th birthday and didn’t want to go on.  His great wish, since his birthday, was to be with Ann, his wife, and his brothers Martyn and John.  His sense of humour stayed with him to the end but he had had enough of this world.

The funeral will be on Friday 11 December.  I will post full details over the next few days.

RIP our wonderful and special father


99 and 365 days – not out!!

This evening my daughter asked me to what do I attribute my long life?

My answer is “Reading books which have a purpose”

My daughter has also added: Consumption of copious amounts of salt, sugar, full-fat milk, double cream and butter! She’s probably right!

Note from daughter: Please let the weather be fair tomorrow at noon. At the moment it’s not looking too good!

My approaching celebration

My children seem hard at work with schemes for celebrating my 100th birthday!

They keep asking me pointed questions about my life and who I have met so goodness knows what they are planning! All I know is there are to be “lots of surprises”


We all dread turning into a cabbage as old age creeps on us. Losing our mind means we cannot be of any further use to anyone and it is time to move on to the next stage i.e. HOME where one can enjoy a pause before returning back to earth for another incarnation. While the moment is not ours to determine we can at least make it interesting by keeping our minds active. Crosswords is one option and the recently introduced Sudoku is another and is the one I use. I suggest the compilers of these puzzles could improve them by subjecting them to solutions by logic. It is somewhat annoying to find oneself up against a guess in order to proceed to a successful solution. I therefore recommend the set of 200 puzzles by Carol Vordeman all of which can be solved by logic alone. There is no such thing as a “logical guess” which is an oxymoron. Another mind trainer is the daily countdown on Channel 4 with the bonus of the exquisite Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.

The white sands incident

Now in the autumn of my life – my 97th year – I would like to know how I can persuade everyone – yes EVERYONE – to read “The White Sands Incident” by Daniel Fry. This is one of the most important books I have ever read in a long and active life. It is quite short – 210 pages – and is exceptionally well written. I defy anyone to read this book and not be moved into action by the vital message it contains for all of us.


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