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Solar Coil Solar Panel

I designed this about 1975 and it was just in time for the wonderful summer of 1976 when we used them to heat our recently built 30’ x 15’ swimming pool and found they raised the temperature to well over 80º F. Sales went well. They were made in two sizes, approx 1 sq metre and the smaller ‘solar kettle’ which was often used on the roof in houses to augment their hot-water tank. They were water filled and required a pump for operation and they were expensive to make. But they came out top when compared with other solar panels available at the time.

Only one of my other ‘inventions’ made me any money. This way my strawberry frame which made it possible to grow about 24 plants on a ground area of 3ft x 2ft and they were bird-proof, slug proof and could be watered from the top. I have four of them on my patio today – some 35 years old and still in good order. I believe there would still be a good market for them today – perhaps made in plastic rather than the galvanised steel of the originals. They would appeal to suburban householders with limited garden space.

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