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The day was very special and successful.

Dudley was taken to his party venue at the Grouse & Ale in Lane End in a Lagonda.

We had arranged for a Morgan 3 wheeler and an MGM to be at the Grouse & Ale as he had – at various times in his life – owned cars similar to these!.

We also tracked down the steamroller he had owned in the 1960s and the owner kindly brought it to the Grouse & Ale for the day.  He parked it in the carpark in full steam – it was lovely to hear it chugging away and brought back many happy memories for us all.

The fly past was spectacular and enjoyed by all of Lane End and the airfield (I’m told!).

We invited around 70 guests to celebrate with him.  From his 4 Granddaughters, his 2 sisters-in-law, his nephews and nieces (including one from South Africa) and lots of flying and gliding friends.

Both the glider and spitfire were flown by people he knew from his days at the gliding club.

The cake reflected his love of music, flying and steam and again was made by a friend.

The sun shone and it was truly a memorable day for us all to remember.

Please do send in comments – others views on the day and this blog are more than welcome!

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And last but by no means least!:

The Card!

The Card from The Queen

The Card from The Queen

3 Responses to “Centenary Day!”

  1. 1 Jean Steynor Keen January 18, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    On this January day in 2012, I have viewed Dudley Steynor’s 100th birthday and his obituary. I am Jean Steynor Keen and live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My dad Albert Edward Steynor was born in Bermuda. He was the son of Charles Steynor whose brother, Bert Steynor was blind and lived in London, England. I am related to Dudley and am very pleased that this was put online for me to read. Thank you very much. It has given me information about this remarkable relative!

  2. 3 Rick Holroyd December 10, 2009 at 10:34 am

    What a wonderful occasion this must have been. Just the way to celebrate a clearly fantastic 100 years.

    He must have been thrilled – a very special day.

    Congratulations to the organisers!

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