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Out of the mouths of children…

This little gem came from Ann’s godmother, Helen Barlow

“A mother and her pretty daughter, about 4 I guess, got on the bus and sat down opposite me.  The mother said “I don’t know what to do with Mary – she is so shy”.

And indeed the little girl kept her head buried in her mother’s skirt and any words from me only made her burrow deeper.

Later on two nuns got on the bus and like me aimed a few friendly words at the little girl.  The effect was instantaneous and surprising as in a matter of moments they were in deep conversation.  A bit later the nuns got off.  Mary’s mother turned to her daughter saying “It was lovely to see you talking to those ladies”, only to be rebuffed strongly by the child.

“They wasn’t ladies, mummy, they was penguins”

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